1. The organizer of the Arabian Horse Auction - Radom 2019 is Stanisław Redestowicz and the Windoor company.
  2. The Arabian Horse Auction - Radom 2019 will be held on June 30 at the Sport Airport
  3. The organizer does not charge commissions on sold horses and is not a party to the transaction between the exhibitor and the buyer.
  4. The organizer is not responsible for any horse, nor for any damage done to horses orfor any injuries that may be incurred while stationing in the auction area. Any complaints from the buyer can only be directed to the exhibitor.
  5. Applications for the Arabian Horse Auction - Radom 2019 should be sent to  till April 19, 2019.
  6. Application of exhibitor is not tantamount with acceptation the horse for the auction.From among the registered horses, the Organizer will choose horses for the auction list.
  7. The entry fee will be payable to the Organizer's account :


          ACCOUNT: 88 1160 2202 0000 0001 5854 8145

           No payment until 19/04/2019 will result in deleting the horse from the auction list.

  1. The height of the entry fee for each applied horse is:

          - for PZHKA members - PLN 3,690

          - for all others - PLN 4,305 

  1. The organizer does not provide for the refund of the entry fee if the horse is withdrawn from the auction by the Exhibitor.If the horse is not qualified on the auction list by the Organizer, the entry fee reduced for the travel costs of the Qualification Commission, it will be returned to the Exhibitor's account.

  2. The entry fee includes:

    - photo session (travel cost per photo session will be determined individually and paid separately)

         - horse description in Polish and English

         - boxing at the auction site

         - advertising

         - two VIP cards for the championships and the auction (for 2 days)

  1. If the buyer does not complete the purchase, his deposit will be 100% in favour of the exhibitor.
  2. In the absence of offers for the purchase of a specific horse, the entry fee paid to the exhibitor goes tothe benefit of the Organizer.
  3. The buyer makes a bid bond for each horse he intends to bid on.



Radom Summer Sale Entry 2019


Honorary Patronage of the President of Radom City